Discover new emoticons, animations and sounds to enrich your Skype conversations. booh

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  • Outstanding sound library to share with your friends
  • Fun games available on Skype!
kiss anime hahahaha


You missed the Winks? Here they are again!
Send funny animations to your Skype contacts.
A large variety of expressions and animations to enhance your conversations and enjoy them even more.


Mad Dog

Send a cute puppy that will drool all over your contact’s screen!


Smack Style

Want to smooch your friends? Send them a super kiss!


The Busy Guy

Busy? Make yourself clear!

Challenge your friends
in a game!

Who's the best? It will only take a game to know the answer! Challenge your Skype contacts with the Emotiplus games.

You will be able to share an incredibly fun live gaming experience with your friends. Work hard, Play hard ;)

Hilarious sounds
to send to your contacts

Because text isn’t always enough, send
sounds to your contacts to make sure they get what you mean!

Enjoy a full sound library to share with your friends...

Shake your friends up
with a WIZZ!!!

With a good wizz, a message is never left unread!

The Wizz, that famous shake that we send to our contacts to let them know how impatient we are to get an answer or to simply say Hi. What if we told you that little marvel is back on Skype?

Coming soon

Packs of Smileys and Emoticons for all tastes.
Vote for you favorite pack below...

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